Take Your Life Seriously

Today, I took some money to the local bank for a volunteer club I am treasurer for. I realized some major insights about reality that needed saying in this “Take Your Life Seriously” article. Here goes: Some people take their card game losses more seriously than they take their real lives. When it is given genuine thought, it should be the other way around in reality. Because the dealer of life (God or existence, whatever term you want to use) deals in reality as their cards, everything else is just shuffled pasteboard. With that said, reality is more than just getting through it. Reality is always doing what needs to be done tolerantly and to the best of your ability regardless of immediate success or failure. I know there are some what if questions about that in your mind and spirit about that. Indeed, realize this though: If you give it your best in your life always, there is more chance for success than failure in the long run odds. Like sometimes in card games, the bluff bet is worth more than the legitimate bet in winnings through acting ability, courage to pull it off, and all the other qualities that win the money when “you do not have the cards to win a hand with.”

So, think about this fact for a moment: Reality comes down to what we can genuinely do and what we think about what we can genuinely do. What I mean is the person is finished who genuinely thinks that they are finished, while the person who persists can get it done even when they seem finished and their failure is genuinely looked at as temporary.

Sure, you could have a ten of diamonds and bluff the person with the ace and still win the hand of the card game. That is within the laws of the game and the understanding of the reality of that game. You can seem to lose temporarily in a situation and turn around and get a bigger win than you could have with a legitimate contention at winning the situation without the initial loss. What is my point: Every Big Winner is more than a winner when they understand loss fully and can win after an initial loss and avoid another loss. Winners on the first try without that understanding are just lucky and usually cannot repeat the win or make it work for themselves in a repeated way.

To take our lives seriously, we must understand fully what we are doing from top to bottom, from minor to major, and with total understanding, tolerance and honest willing all the way through or lose in the big way. That is what it takes, that is what it all comes down to. Do we take our lives seriously enough to be willing to act with genuine patience, understanding and tolerance or do we just put our heads in the sand and quit after the “first unlucky blow”? Our choice, our reality.